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From only 7 Musical notes but one can compose a huge of Songs. From the natural gifts of mother earth one can combine the different natural ingredients to create many rich culinary cultures. We Zento Restaurant want to contribute our special created culinary harmony to the world. The harmony of asien and european cultures hides in our special culinary art, which we interpret traditionally and modernly.
At Zento we place the value of freshness and quality of the ingredients at the highest mission of our kitchen. We also pay attention to the sustainability by consumpting of local and in-season salat and vegetable. We prefer to choose foods that are healthful to our enviroment and our bodies. By committing to buy only fish and meet from sustainable fishing and farming sources we want to take steps to protect the ocean and our own livelihoods. During the preparation of our modern sushis and culinary delicacies, a distinctive Japanese cuisine resonates with, which ensures an awsome tasty experience, well-being and happiness. By consuming natural and seasonal ingredients we stand for a light and healthy cuisine that pays attention to the consious use of natural resources and fits well in our time.
At Zento we are also committing to cut down on waste by adopting minimalist packaging and ditching plastic in favour of materials that are easier to recycle. From our interior design to the kitchen we use only materials which are friendly to our health and to the enviroment. Thanks to the open design of our restaurant, you can watch the Zento kitchen professional chefs preparing your dishs and the joy of your Japanese culinary experience will be even greater. Let your mind wander and pamper yourself with our professional service and with decorative, lovingly prepared and traditional sushi creations or new inspirations from Sashimi, Maki, Nigiri, Insight-Out-Rolls and Bowls from our chefs.




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private events

Please contact us in case you want to celebrate your birthday, your wedding or an anniversary with a private atmosphere. We offer a space for up to 60 people and prepare special culinary delicacies according to your wish ready for your festivities. We are here to serve you with heart and make your day to a forgettable adventure. The Zento Team wish you an enjoyment stay.
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